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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  October 10, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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earlier this summer speaker john boehner famously promised a whale of a fight over the debt ceiling. for months boehner was content to swim in the tea party slipstream, patiently listening to every bluster and each plan to shut down the government narrowly agreeing to each ridiculous suggestion of the debt ceiling. at this morning, at the 11th hour, all of that changed. boehner, more minnow than whale is willing to except a six-week extension of the nation's debt ceiling until november 2nd when we do this all over again. >> all i want to do is offering the president the act to move. a temporary increase in the debt ceiling, in agreement, to go to conference on the budget for his willingness to sit down and discuss with us a way forward to reopen the government, and to start the deal with america's
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pressing problems. >> in exchange, according to majority leader eric cantor, a real commitment in the president to talk. but as of this hour, no repeal of obama care. indeed, no mention of the thing that got the republican party into this whale of a fight. and as for the u.s. government, house republicans would like to keep it shuttered until -- well, possibly forever. >> that's a conversation we're going to have with the president today. and i don't want to put anything on the table. i don't want to take anything off the table. that's why we want to have this conversation. >> the white house, however, is pushing back. in a statement released an hour ago, the administration are announced that while we are willing to look at any proposal congress puts forward to end these manufactured crises. we will not allow a faction of the republicans in the house to hold the economy hostage to its extraneous and extreme political demands. congress needs to pass a clean debt limit increase and a funding bill to reopen the government. this afternoon, speaker boehner
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and 17 of his trusted lieutenants will trudge over to the white house to get exactly what they asked for. a talk. the invited but not coming the rest of the raucous caucus who the speaker decided to leave behind. joining me jonathan capehart and washington chief at the huffing post ryan grimm. jonath jonathan chafe and luke russell. tweeting from a source inside the room and wrote worrisome for leadership, hearing the response for a six week plan is near silent. i ask you, luke, do we have any sense that john boehner's own plan will actually pass among members of his caucus? >> that is the million-dollar question, alex. from where we stand right now, we don't know the answer.
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the reason being any clean extension of the debt ceiling is considered sacrilegious from any number of folks. what the leadership was doing, according to my sources, trying to stress team work saying we need to do this, get the possession of the ball back, to try to advance to fight against obama care. we can't bring the world's economy to its knees and be blamed for that, too. they also impair them that their polls are getting hit by this. talking to members coming out of there, there's a lot of trepidation for them to support something like this. i spoke to one member who said how's it going to look back home if the debt limit is lifted and the government is still shut down. to some, that seems like we're baling out wall street while hurting veterans' benefits and things like there. so there's worry there. there's no incentive for democrats to help john boehner with this. they want an extension all the way to 2014.
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why are they going to throw him a lifeline now? from inside the room it's going to be an aggressive whipping effort from the gop leadership. and 93 have not been successful in any of these things. go back to plan "b" with the fiscal cliff. from where we stand right now, it is unclear. they definitely have a good chance, some members in that room stood up and said they were supportive. just from informal conversation from folks on the far right, they're very, very scared of being in favor of a six-week clean debt limit bill. and we still don't know what heritage action, growth, when they come down against it, watch out. >> hey, jonathan, we have talked back and forth ad nauseam. initially, it was do not shut down the government use your leverage on the debt ceiling. and now that position is completely reversed. >> right. do not threaten economic
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catastrophe, go back to the government shut down as way to have presumably leverage to defund obama care. i just don't understand how this -- it's great that you may not default on the debt. but in terms republicans actually making peace with the notion they may not get thing for this, anything substantive on obama care, anything subsan tiff on the white house, there is no peace there? >> no. i think there are two points here. number one, whether this bill passes the house depends entirely on the democrats. can boehner pass this entirely with no votes? no chance. giving republicans almost everything they wanted in the entire world and it still failed. that wasn't enough like obama still gets to be president as part of this deal and them couldn't accept that, right? so they need democrats. the question is will democrats vote for this or demand that they also reopen the government. that depends on whether this passes. number two --
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>> go ahead, jonathan. >> yeah. so i think boehner is again going from crisis to crisis, deadline to deadline. every time he's faced with these choices, his answer is what puts off the problem, what puts off the pain for me. for him, you've got the near immediate deadline of the death ceiling, put that one off and keep all the balls in the air as much as possible. >> it's literally like watching a bloody man on a battlefield go from nurse station to nurse station and just get bandages. a six-week extension is good but doesn't necessarily answer the question of whether we're able to agree on a long-term debt ceiling. the government remains shut down. and if john boehner does end up passing a six-week extension with democratic votes what are his implications for his speakership? >> this whole thing tells me who is in charge the entire time, boehner wants this fight around the debt ceiling.
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that's the hill we're going to die on, guys. how about the hill we die on is the c.r. and we do it on obama care, he's like, no, no, that's a bad idea. politically, that's terrible for us. well, we're going to do that one anyway. like jonathan said there's nothing in the history of the tea party to eye date that shows they would vote for this. now heritage and freedom works are both for this. it will be interesting to see -- i don't know about the particular six-week extension, but they're for getting rid of the debt ceiling. we know wall street doesn't run a tea party. does anybody run them? >> jonathan, erick erickson wrote a piece, how is gop prepared to give up? i'm being told that speaker boehner and eric cantor are plotting on giving up trying to defund obama care. in doing association they will
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sow the seeds of a real third party movement. if that's not a hostage, if that's not a ransom note, i don't know what is. >> i'm just weary over the infighting within the republican party. i'm weary not because of what it's doing to the party, but because of what it's doing to the country. ryan is -- we're talking about whether boehner will be able to pass this bill with democratic votes. we know if conditions are right, he probably can. but that goes one step farther than the real step we have to watch. will he have the courage to actually bring that bill to the floor. will he be so afraid of losing the speaker's gavel that he won't do what's right. and until he does that, i still am -- i understand know there's a lot of optimism whipping through washington right now. but i'll believe it when i see it. >> yeah. and i think you've got to think, luke, that's a position the white house has, too. why should we believe anything john boehner said. i thought it was remarkable,
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luke, that the person to first come out and outline this proposal was not the speaker of the house but kathy mcmorris rogers. that is a testament of how weak boehner is in this own caucus. >> well, she's the chairwoman. her touch could sell easier at this time. what's interesting, though, moving forward, alex, this legislation, before they put it on the floor, they're going to do it after the meeting at the white house. so it's been told to me it's still very fluid what exactly it could look like afterwards. suppose they go to the lighthouse and is there a democratic imprint on the legislation which means it would be more bipartisan in nature? we do not know. so that is a possibility to hold throughout. sort of -- let's say lastly, when you put it in the context of boehner's speakership, we are now coming down to once again one of these all or nothing votes like plan "b" in the
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fiscal cliff. there's countless examples of them of whether or not he can garner the support of his conference and the entire -- it seems, the world economy, is rovn resting on that at this point. you lose words for this to happen. >> jon cheney chait, what is the resolution for the president he has said over and over, i will not negotiate with a gun to my head. the white house statement is interesting while we're willing to look at any proposal congress puts forward, we are not going to allow a faction of republicans to hold the economy hostage to its extreme political demands. it cannot look like from the white house's perspective that they are capitulating in any fashion here. and one would think not reopening the government and passing a clean debt limit would look something like a concession, if not a capitulation. >> i'm not sure about that.
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the white house has been very clear about not negotiating around the debt limit. on the government shutdown it's a little bit softer. they're saying republicans need to do it. they're not saying on principle we refuse to goshgt. they're not comparing it to a gun to the head because it's not like that. it's a slower, more cumulative damage. it's not like you hit the debt limit and go over it. it's two different things. i think the republicans are actually testing the fault in the position, saying how hard is this, no negotiation stance really, on the shutdown. because it's not as firm a lines the debt ceiling. >> okay, we're going to take a break, but when we come back, a new poll shows just how favorable republicans are among the american public. how long can the gop survive this. we'll have more on the war and the long-term budget fallout. that's next. ♪
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a new poll out from gallup released yesterday reveals that the gop has the lowest favorability for either party since gallup began asking the question in 1992. the republican party has a favorable rating of 28%. and unfavorable rating of 62%. ryan, jonathan chait who is still with us you i believe, makes the point that while tarnishing the president is maybe exciting and satisfying on the right for republicans, but president obama is not running for re-election. look at the devastating effects on the national party who will be voting democrat and
9:16 am
republican in upcoming elections. in some ways, is this a line in the sand. >> this is how you can tell they recognize how painful this. democrats are saying, this entire thing is republicans' fault. republicans are saying, no, it's both parties' fault. they're not even in a comfortable condition to blame the democrats. we shouldn't get too comfortable, even before, the last case scenarios, 1964 and 1975. within two years of '64, they swept the house again. '68, they won the presidential election. '72, they won another presidential election. they tanked after watergate and then look what happened. they led for years. just a few years they can be hegamonic again.
9:17 am
>> jonathan, i wonder how much pressure there is, there's a party line, compared to republicans democrats have had their wagons circled and they've been incredible a unified on their message and actions. at some point, one would think, especially if a government shutdown lasts a few more weeks there is going to be pressure to take action. you can assume that house republicans will continue to send or there will be dancing with various bills circulated but ask senate democrats continue to hold the line as it were, especially the vulnerable ones in red states? >> well, i think it depends what happens today on the debt ceiling. all eyes are focused the economic catastrophe could happen. we don't know what it is because the full faith and credit of united states has never been destroyed before. then we'll see whether democrats can hold the line on continues
9:18 am
resolution. but we have to remember something, this has been an incredibly galvanizing for the whole party. just two weeks before the government shutdown there were stories in "the new york times" and "washington post" how disgroundled democrat are upset with the president. they're so afraid he's going to give concessions yet again. it wasn't a boundless fear. the president had done it over and over and over again. the fact that the president stood his ground and continues to do so fighting with republicans is the one thing democrats have been hungering for from the white house for a very long time. as long as the president holds strong, the president's coalition will hold strong. >> jonathan chait, as far as the president and the fears from the last post, the lessons from 2011, given the fact that boehner and cantore, broad reform programs to end, including social security and medicare, how worried do you think the left will be, if the
9:19 am
talks, the sort of rumors of those talks become more real and are at the door step of the white house? >> well, they shouldn't worry too much because the republicans are going to save them. president obama has been willing to trade cuts for these programs for higher revenue but republicans have blocked that deal over and over and over again. that's a deal that a lot of liberals would really hate and obama would really love but that split has been constantly papered over by the refusal of republicans to take that deal. >> luke, i want to go back to capitol hill and what sort of happens within the government caucus. if the government shutdown continues. you made an interesting comparison to the optics of this, they deal with the debt ceiling and the pockets of wall street, but when it comes to average americans, everyday americans, there's no concern what happens to them. if they extend the government shutdown into the holiday
9:20 am
season, one would think that is exacerbated even more because we're now looking at thanksgiving and christmas? >> oh, sure, what's interesting from my sources in the room in the meeting today there say huge regional divide on the issue of whether or not to keep the government shut down. a lot of folks in the northern states said keep it shut down. let's continue to fight on obama care. folks in the northwest are saying, no, no, we're getting killed on this. that 28% gallup poll was mentioned by a nonsouthern member, we shall call them. this is a real issue they have. you also get into, alex, if the democrats allow this, if they take the six weeks on the debt limit, and we should also report it's not just six weeks. there's also an inclusion in there it would end the ability of treasury to use extraordinary measures to moving the debt limit back. but that's a separate issue. but if fact that does happen, how long does the government
9:21 am
shutdown go for? does it go all the way to thanksgiving, does it go to christmas? could the economy stand that. this is an idea where the republicans are saying, no, let's get this passed so we can continue to fight to get more leverage from the government. but there's no clear path, if there's a clear path, it's on extending the debt limit. it's not on the shutdown. everything has gone nowhere. if in fact they're a true house gop, they want to have big time negotiations with ryan, camp, boehner, those aren't going to happen within a week, those take a long time. if the government shutdown continues to be a by-product of that and the citizenry accept that, these are questions that a lot of members of congress have. which means at some point if this continues to go on long term it wouldn't be shocking if you saw some of those midwestern, coastal republicans saying enough from the
9:22 am
government. >> it's jonathan capehart, i want to make sure i heard you correctly, did you say as part of this republican deal it would stipulate that the treasury could not use extraordinary measures si s six weeks -- let' it passes six weeks from now? >> yes. so the idea is the debt limit would be extended to november 22nd which by the way is the 50th an versus of the death of president kennedy if you look at that optically. part of this deal was that treasury was not able to use the extraordinary measures to push it back further. >> well -- >> yeah, go ahead. >> i wanted you to say that again, quite frankly, that's extraordinary. to take power away from the treasury to keep the united states from defaulting. i don't know how the white house -- >> would agree to that. >> -- would agree to that. >> i heard about that from a republican source and asked the white house about it. is this what they're considering, and they wrote back, i don't have any idea what
9:23 am
you're talking about, it doesn't make sense. >> it doesn't. >> who defines extraordinary. hey, you paid this bill but not that bill. >> thaunts believable. >> so, luke, before we let you go and before we unfortunately have to wrap this up, we seem to both have made progress in so far far as there's a deal that would lift the debt ceiling for six weeks. but ultimately, the fundamental questions here what is truly conceded and negotiated over a long-term debt ceiling raise, that has not been answered. does the government shutdown or any part of the health care act repealed, there's no questions on those. and it could hurt everyday americans and the american economy even more. >> correct. once again, the reason why the government is shut down, why we are where we are which is the president's health care law is now continuously going to be punted to the back. that could move, that's desire from the right. this week will be debt limit. next week will be debt limit.
9:24 am
how do they figure that out, if we have those bipartisan negotiations and they're still going to use the government funding as leverage, that's a huge issue. i forgot who made the point on the panel, but it's exactly right. if democrats are going to negotiate, they want to see revenue. every single indicator from every republican i've spoken to across the spectrum said, no, no, we gave revenue in the fiscal cliff deal. that's off the table. so why would the president engage in that? it's back to where we started. you could see the world economy in catastrophe until thanksgiving. i'll be on your show with a turkey and pilgrim hat on talking about the same stuff. >> if we do have a resolution with all of this, i still hope you're on the show with a turkey and pilgrim hat. thank you. >> thanks for your time, gentlemen. coming up, what is the matter with kansas and arizona? plenty. we will look at the latest trend in voter suppression efforts. a two-tiered voting system.
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second-class voters. that's an idea that republicans in kansas and azs are trying to make into a reality. in a radical new strategy of voter suppression. it stems from a supreme court decision last june which dealt a setback to the wave of gop-led voter i.d. laws. the high skort struck down an arizona law that would have forced residents to provide proof of citizenship in order to vote. declaring in a 7-2 ruling that federal voter registration forms trump state requirements. republicans immediately began looking for a loophole and they seem to have found one in a july memo the kansas state director wrote as the supreme court made clear, its decision applies only to federal registration forms and covers only federal elections. exploiting the court's decision the idea is to prevent residents
9:29 am
who don't adhere to state voter i.d. requirements including proof of citizenship for voting in state elections. the effect would be a two-tiered system. some people get to vote for governors and leadership and others don't. worst yet uses a kansas state form and not a federal one, they are considered suspended and will not be allowed to vote in any election. kansas secretary of state kris kobach defends is saying they don't have the authority to determine what to do in elections. other states are following suit. on monday arizona's attorney general tom horn preemptively made the case for what he describes as federal election only ballots. those registering only with the federal form which does not include evidence of citizenship should not vote in state
9:30 am
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if we want to improve our schools... ... what should we invest in? maybe new buildings? what about updated equipment?
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they can help, but recent research shows... ... nothing transforms schools like investing in advanced teacher education. let's build a strong foundation. let's invest in our teachers so they can inspire our students. let's solve this. 12 years a slave," a new film from british director steve mcqueen is based on the autography of solomon northrop a free black man kidnapped in washington, d.c. and had to 1212 years on a plantation in louisiana. >> with slavery, i wanted to find an interesting angle into the narrative. and i thought about a free man. a man who has a family and kidnapped into is slavery.
9:34 am
the reason i close that angle, i wanted that person to be everyone in the audience. >> in one point, he is advised to remain quiet on the fact he's an educated free man. bringing it up could lead to possible death. >> it's not about certain death, it's about keeping your head down. >> days ago i was with my family. in my home. now you're telling me all that's lost? i know who i am, that's the way to survive. i want to survive. i want to live. >> joining us is the screen writer of "12 years a slave" the great john ridley. john, congratulations on what looks to be not only a great
9:35 am
movie but also a really important movie. we were discussing the segment and you've made this point, on filmmakers have made this point that slavery which is a huge defining chapter in history. you can count probably on one hand the number of films that have addressed slavery and the slave's experience in america. amistad, "beloved" ling ling, "django unchained" and roots. >> i think slavery is the history of america. it truly is. on how this country was made. how it was formed and also the best of america, how we move from that in generations to where we are now. and the fact that people have not excavated the story. as you say in the instances where at the have, "roots," a fantastic story, beloved was a
9:36 am
fantasized story of all of that for someone to take this story and tell it in immediate fashion is very important. for solomon northrop a free man to be able to tell his story immediately after his liberation is one of the reasons the story has such an emotional velocity. >> and john makes a good point. we talk about the division between north and south which still exists in some way. i'm not saying that the south is still a bastion of slavery by any stretch of the imagination, but there are cultural divides, there are racial divides that america has not made peace with. those involve both political dialogue and debate? >> i think that's why this movie will resonate why all the other films you mentioned resonate is because it's the unfinished
9:37 am
conversation. to talk about race requires trust. two people who trust each other intimately who can have -- who can ask each other very painful questions but don't question the motivation of the other, because they know the person in their heart is asking, because they want to understand, they want to know. we, as a nation -- we don't trust each other. we have don't trust each other enough to have the conversation that's needed to really start the healing process. now, every time there is some sort of conflict, whether trayvon martin, sean bell, you can just run down the list of horrible things that have happened, it's that teachable moment. now, it will be different. well, it might be a monacum better than it was.
9:38 am
>> it went from slavery to slavery predicated on racial inferiori inferiority. >> the assumption of slavery that came here was a similar model. one of the things, jonathan, you speak to it very well, why we are the way we are, still, we have to understand all of us were owe indoauoctrinated in th system was right, used in every way, shape and form to get people to believe it and uphold it. you'll see in this film, there are moments that are so tough and so difficult, but what you realize, everybody has to buy into that system. every single person. you look at 2013 and why we still have outpourings like trayvon martin, we still have calcified feelings. you don't wag your finger and say shame on you, it's to understand why we are in some
9:39 am
regards wait we are. >> the notion of inferiority. those on the bottom rungs of society trying to feed off the government, those who have succeeded through sheer willpower. and sort of the american story about success and achievement is a very complicated one. >> we have this idea that racism is an original thing and there's been progress over time that has eliminated but that's actually not how it happened. race uchl is a relatively modern invention and it was invented to perpetuate this slave system, because the economics of it required one certain race to be considered inferior. like i said, you had indentured servants and other slaves who were not necessarily different races to begin with. it was something that developed in order to perpetuate this. and yet it has, very much
9:40 am
obviously, outlasted the economic system put in place. to say nothing of the morals required to buy into that. john, i want to go full circle about movies made but as to some experience, the black experience in america. were you speaking with buzzfeed, you said historically some america people of color are limited to their own stories. we're not going to get on on star trek or ironman. expand on that. >> i was speaking in particular about behind the camera, you will see denzel or will smith, that's terrific. this is white people telling black stories. there's a lot of where i don't think there's an issue saying that others can't tell stories. or a canadian, doing things like "in the heat of the night."
9:41 am
certainly, individuals can do that. the issue is, in hollywood, traditionally people of color were doing films about people of color. so if you lose that small area where you're quote/unquote allowed to tell stories, if we're not doing that, we're also not getting the call to do things necessarily like "ironman" or "star trek" or other films where we can take $250 million and do something different. that's my concern. i do over the last 16 months you've bean a resurgence in the caveat, i will say, films about black people, think like a man, red tails, this film, 42, it's a wonder. time for black people in film. i would say the problem is we need to expand it further. it's got to be a wonderful time for hispanic, asian-americans. >> women. >> women over 40. men as well. it's got to expand across the board. film has really grown since the recession which is great.
9:42 am
it's great for business, great for people in the business. it's got to grow intellectually and creatively. and people of color. >> "12 years a slave" is out in select cities on october 18th. i'm so bummed it's not out this weekend, john. screen writer john ridley. congratulations. the supreme court could face its first major abortion case in five years. reproduction rights are being heavily negotiated. we will discuss that liz hoag joins us straight ahead. hey, you guys comfortable? it's best-in-class rear legroom. and with a turbo engine that gets 35 highway m-p-g. you know j.d. power ranked passat the most appealing midsize car two years in a row? i bet, uh, dan here wishes somebody found him most appealing two years in a row. ron: it's ron jc: ron... exactly. vo: get 0 down, 0 due at signing, 0 deposit,
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9:46 am
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yesterday california achieved a major victory in protecting a woman ace right no choose. democratic governor jerry brown signed a law allowing nurses and physicians assistants to perform a first term abortion procedure giving california women greater options to undergo an abortion when it is most safe and least expensive. but elsewhere, the war on choice continues. this week, the nebraska supreme court upheld a decision preventing from teenager from getting an abortion because they, quote, failed to establish by clear and convincing evidence that she is sufficiently mature and well informed.teenager referred to in court as anonymous 5 is 16 years old. she was placed in foster care earlier this year because her mother had a drug problem and
9:50 am
her father beat her so severely that she broke her collarbone and shoulder blade. the girl told the court she feared her strongly religious new foster family would disapprove of the pregnancy and might disown her. according to court documents she also told the judge she would not be able to financially able to support the child. the judge who reportedly served on a state anti-abortion clinic apparently found the teenager not mature to terminate her pregnancy but took no issue with aborting her child. karen finney serves on the pro elise, setting aside the judge and his own politics that he would use to inform this decision. i think the thing here is the negotiation of parental consent. and the fact that 21 states require minors to obtain
9:51 am
parental consent. when you have extraordinary case like this, it does not seem to serve the woman's best interest. >> absolutely. look, we all want our kids to come to us when they're in trouble and we should foster that within the family but the government can't legislate it. it's been shown time and time again. i personally cannot put aside the judge's history. one of the things we know, not only did he serve on a major anti-choice board for trial lawyers but he also defended operation rescue in criminal cases. that's a clear case for recusal. and the case should have been overturned. and we're seeing this time and time again. they have a full court press on government. they're getting into judgeships, they're getting into state legislatures. and that is their strategy, to make roe moot whether or not they can overturn.
9:52 am
>> before we go to the to scotus and other judges. karen, the california decision is a big deal. and the case referenced is a kermit gosnell case. some people heard about that case and said, we need to end the practice of abortion or limit it. but in fact women are safer. the procedure is safer. patient, treated better if they have more access to better providers. >> absolutely. >> if you look at the numbers, 87% of counties in this country do not haven't abortion provider. 1 in 3 american women do not live in counties where they can seek abortions. >> and a lot of those women don't have the means to get to where she could have the abortion or the early prenatal care that she might need or health care to be able to make this decision. we talked about this, elyse and the naral folks, the backlash
9:53 am
officer gosnell. we need to protect the woman's right. poor women are the ones left victim to a kermit gosnell when they can't get an abortion. there are myriad of reasons as we know why a woman has abortions at various stages in their pregnancy to deny access, health care, just outright, it's discrimination. it harms low income women, women of color. jerry brown, god love him, it was a great decision. >> but not in step with the tide across the country, which is to restrict choice. i want to talk about the incremental strategy which is to make these laws that make it harder and harder for women to get abortions. shame them or humiliate them, making them take transvaginal ultrasounds and show them the fetal heartbeat. but make this decision as physically and emotionally difficult as possible.
9:54 am
the supreme court is taking up klein versus the oklahoma coalition for reproductive justice. and that's all about access to certain types of drugs used in abortions. if you look at what's happening in ohio which has basically become a laboratory for anti-abortion measures. this is something that has caught fire across the country. >> it has. although i will differ with you with one point, governor jerry brown is a beacon of light and sanity. however, he may be out of step with other governors and state legislatures, he's not out of step with the majority of people. it's an important point. one of the things you see over and over again, where the restrictions are happening, they're happening in the dark of night. they're happening in budget bills where they didn't have full public debate like in ohio. or in ohio, where they attach it to the motorcycle safety bill. they happen in legislatures driven by extreme ideology know how out of step they are, and
9:55 am
they want to hide it. they want to get it done but they want to hide it. you just did a whole segment on the government shutdown. we're risking default. you've got an extreme gop party who is focused on a time of crisis on shaming women and telling us we can't make decisions on what's best for us. >> and adding in stipulations about contraceptive coverage. >> right. how much more out of step you can be with mainstream american values. >> ryan, one of the cases that the premium court is going to be taking up is mcculland versus coakley. this supreme court has struck down landmark legislation in the name of free speech. i think a lot of people who are concerned about this shame and humiliation and intimidation factor in and around the choice of abortion are worried that they will rule, quote/unquote, in favor of free speech and strike down these kind of limits that are in place.
9:56 am
>> yeah, well, john roberts more or less lied to congress when was going through the confirmation process when he was asked whether or not he respects precedent. and he said he does. people who are worried that they're overturn this have good reason to believe that he will. >> remember, people who congregate outside of clinics have a sort of mob-like mentality. their job is, again, to shame the woman, make it as hard as possible to get in there. it's not about free speech exactly. it is about shaming and making it harder to access something that is your legal rights. >> and many of the young women who went to gosnell cited the terrible protesters. >> it suddenly is an important part of this battle, shining the light and talking about the stuff happening at the state level and of course at the national level is incredibly important. the president of naral, america
9:57 am
pro choice, elyse hogue thank you to karen and ryan and jonathan. "andrea mitchell reports" is next. [ male announcer ] they say it was during an arm wrestling match that mr. clean realized the way to handle bigger, tougher messes was better leverage. that's why he created his new magic eraser handy grip. it has a handle that firmly attaches to the eraser so you get better leverage and more oomph with less effort. it's the perfect magic eraser
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right now on "andrea mitchell reports," how much longer will this private citizen be voluntarily doing the job of government park service workers? there's no telling now that speaker boehner proposes to raise the debt ceiling but leave the government closed. >> will you reopen the government if the president doesn't agree to anything? >> if and buts were can be enoughs every day would be christmas. >> debt threats. if congress can't strike a deal, treasury secretary jack lew has this message for the lawmakers flirting with that fiscal cliff. >> we've never been there and i thinyo


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